Depp in Talks to Play Pancho Villa

Johnny Depp is in talks to become the latest big name to play Mexican bandit revolutionary Pancho Villa in a new movie.

The movie star is slated to lead the cast of Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica‘s biopic, Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman wiith Six Fingers.

The Spanish-language film will be shot partly in Mexico in 2011, and Depp’s Once Upon a Time in Mexico co-star Salma Hayek is in negotiations to co-star, according to Variety.

If the film comes together, it won’t be the first time Depp and Kusturica have worked together — they previously collaborated on 1993 movie Arizona Dream.

Antonio BanderasTelly Savalas and Leo Carrillo are among the stars who have portrayed Pancho Villa in the movies.

The real revolutionary, aka Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula, played himself in silent-movie legend D.W. Griffith‘s The Life of General Villa in 1914.

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