‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ Tops Madonna’s Birthday Film List

Madonna‘s movies are back in the spotlight as the part-time actress celebrates her 50th birthday.

Top movie news Web site MovieHole.net has created a top 10 poll of the pop star’s top film appearances to mark her half century.

Cheeky site editor Clint Morris suggests husband Guy Ritchie might like to buy his wife acting lessons as a gift, but adds, “It’s your birthday, so let’s be kind shall we… and after all, there’s much worse actresses out there than Madonna.”

Morris admits to owning many of Madonna‘s films on DVD and claims Desperately Seeking Susan is her finest acting work, adding, “This is such a fun film…I’d even go so far as to say Madonna was great in this.”

Coming in second is Madonna‘s turn as a baseball star in sports movie A League of Their Own.

Morris states, “Madonna isn’t trying to stretch herself here she’s merely playing herself, a sassy chick from Brooklyn who’s all about boys and bonking.” 

Evita round out the top three, with MovieHole.net’s editor stating, “Madonna is actually quite good in the film, though it’s a flick that requires a bit of patience.”

The full top 10 is:

1. Desperately Seeking Susan

2. A League of Their Own

3. Evita

4. Dick Tracy

5. Die Another Day

6. The Next Best Thing

7. Shanghai Surprise

8. Body of Evidence

9. Bloodhounds of Broadway

10. Swept Away