‘Despicable Me 2′: One Giant Leap for Minion Kind — TRAILER

Despicable Me

When we last left off with the formerly nefarious but now curmudgeonly good-hearted Gru at the end of Despicable Me, he was living a happy life — a notion he never thought possible — with his three adopted daughters, mad scientist henchman, and army of harmless minions… the victor of many a young viewer’s, and marketing agent’s, heart. In this new trailer for the upcoming Despicable Me sequel (Despicable Mequel, if you will), we see the minions back in original form: complete with mundane housework, fanciful costumes, impish sensibilities, and a proclivity for winding up in compromising situations. Here, two of Gru’s babbling buddies find themselves the victims of what appears to be an alien abduction… although we never actually see the culprits in question.

It makes sense to assume that this might be the work of Vector, the supervillain with whom Gru faced off in the first movie, due to the spindly fellow’s ultimate location of Earth’s moon. But knowledge that the yet unnamed master villain of the sequel will be played by Al Pacino makes one wonder if we’ll be dealing with an even more horrifyingly evil, perhaps extraterrestrial being this time around. Pacino has a distinctly higher caliber of intimidation under his belt than Vector’s portrayer, the sunshiny Jason Segel.

And what does Pacino want with Gru and his family? Stakes are bound to hike in the sequel… though clearly not without sacrificing wacky minioning. Thankfully.

Check out the trailer below!

[Photo Credit: Universal Pictures]

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