‘Despicable Me 2’ Trailer: Slapstick and…Beach Boys?

Despicable Me is the perfect example of an appropriate movie of which to make a sequel. The 2010 animated family comedy was a lot of fun and pretty heartwarming, utilizing Steve Carell, supervillain mythology, and the story of a bad man turned good by the love of his three new children to satisfactory degrees, churning out something pretty endearing. But Despicable Me was by no means a masterpiece—not a movie so inspiring and meaningful that making a sequel would only serve to tarnish its legacy. It was a nice, funny, entertaining and family-friendly flick, and one with a lot of colorful characters and potential for wacky situations: Despicable Me 2 was destined from the start.

And from the looks of the poster and this new musical, minion-filled teaser trailer, we’re in for the same kind of good-natured fun the second time around. Plus a visit from a pretty impressive new star
Source: Apple