‘Despicable Me’ + ‘Jobs’ = Despicable Jobs: Check Out Our Trailer Mashup

What happens when Steve Jobs meets Despicable Me‘s Gru? Believe it or not, Hollywood.com can provide an answer to that age-old question. We’ve created a mashup of two of this summer’s hottest movies: Jobs and Despicable Me 2. Watch as Gru goes from a lovable super-villain voiced by Steve Carell to Ashton Kutcher’s visionary entrepreneur.

Credit: Hollywood.com

The two films fit together surprisingly well. It seems only natural to see the goofy, goggled minions as nerdy tech startup employees. At the same time, Jobs’ inspirational “Here’s to the crazy ones” speech takes on a whole new meaning when it’s juxtaposed with images of the little yellow weapon-wielding creatures.

Despicable Me 2 is in theaters now, and Jobs opens on August 16. As for Despicable Jobs, it exists only in trailer form. For the time being.

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