‘Despicable Me’ Red Carpet Premiere Photos

Everyone who’s a fan of little jaundice suffering-like creatures dressed in suspenders and nerd glasses showed up to the Los Angeles premiere of Despicable Me. This, of course, included Steve Carell, Jason Segel,Kristen Wiig, Mindy Kaling, James Marsden and confusingly, Noah Wyle. Also…Pharrell!

Not just a sub-par speller’s worst nightmare, Despicable Me follows evil villain Gru  (Carell) and his plot to steal the moon with help from his army of minions. However, one day, he meets three little girls who see him as a father figure instead of the badass villain with terrible aim he’s trying to be. Steve Carell’s kids better have a great lawyer because this sounds exactly like their life’s story.

Despicable Me Red Carpet    

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