‘Devil’s Due’ Probably a Tough Watch for Those of Us Still Feeling Protective of Matt Saracen

Devil's DueFresh Movie Trailers/YouTube

Devil’s Due hits theaters on Jan. 17 and horror fans are pumped. The found footage style thriller has all the makings of a modern, crap-your-pants classic. A little wary? The Dillion Panthers Boosters Committee.

Zach Gilford stars as Zach McCall, proud papa of the possible Anti-Christ. And, through not fault of his own, we will always think of Gilford as Julie’s boyfriend, QB1, the finest counterboy ever to work at the Alamo Freeze, Matt Saracen. It’s the legacy of Friday Night Lights to have its rich characters live on, and that’s a good thing almost all of the time.

The trouble is that his character Zach McCall is certainly going to suffer unimaginably in Devil’s Due‘s 89 minutes. And we just can’t handle it. Remember when Grandma’s memory started getting worse and 17-year-old Matt had to take care of her all by himself? Remember when Matt’s dad disappeared again and he ended up crying, fully clothed in the Taylors’ shower, asking why everyone always leaves him? Remember how you spent full episodes yearning to climb through your television and beat up everyone who ever made him sad? It’s going to be like that, but a thousand times worse.

What do you think, FNL fans? Are you going to have trouble sitting through #7’s new movie? Let us know in the comments.