Diane Kruger To Star in One of the Many Abraham Lincoln Movies

Diane Kruger Abraham Lincoln movieDid you know they are producing approximately 527 movies about the 16th U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln? They are! It’s true! (That’s not totally true. There are actually three.) But one of them did totally have vampires (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) in it! Man, what couldn’t that good ole honest Abe do? (Answer: tell a lie!)

The next one on deck is The Green Blade Rises, which is slated to be produced by Tree of Life director, Terrence Malick. And Diane Kruger has been cast to play Sarah Lincoln, Abe’s stepmother.

This version of the life of Abe tells the origin story of Lincoln’s hardships, tragedy, and the influential ladies that helped shape his character. It only focuses on those formative years, though, and to project that deep, tragic story, the film will be shot in black and white. It was written and will be directed by AJ Edwards.

The other Lincoln film that doesn’t have vampires in it, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, will be released November 9, with Daniel Day-Lewis doing his crazy-good actor thing to portray the man with the very tall hats.


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