‘Die Hard 5’ Is Now ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ & Other Info Revealed

Bruce WillisWe Died Hard. Then, we did it a 2nd time. The third time, we added a Vengance. By the fourth, we were Livin’ Free. But was it ever a truly good day to Die Hard? Probably not.

But this day—this fifth episode of the Die Hard franchise—most certainly is. It might not be the best day to Die Hard. Possibly not even a great one. But is it A Good Day to Die Hard? Why yes. It sure as shootin’ is.

At least that’s what Fox Filmed Entertainment’s co-chairman Tim Rothman said on The Jim Rome Show this morning. The title of the next adventure for Bruce Willis‘ badass-everycop-turned-high-flying-renegade-super-being was not the only thing Rothman revealed. He also let listeners know that A Good Day to Die Hard will begin shooting in January 2012 for a release just over a year later, on Valentine’s Day 2013. He expanded on something we already heard about: this will be John McClane’s most globe-trotting adventure yet.

McClane will find himself in Moscow, attempting to free his ne’er-do-well son from Russian jail, when he is thrust into the position of preventing an apocalyptic threat instituted by a group of terrorists. You’ve come a long way from midtown, McClane. Pretty soon, you’ll have done it all: New York, America, planet Earth, the galaxy…around the time of Die Hard 9: The Day the Music Died Hard, Bruce Willis will weep…for there will be no more worlds to conquer.

Source: Slashfilm