‘Die Hard 5’ Takes McClane to Eastern Europe

‘Die Hard 5’ Takes McClane to Eastern Europe

Die Hard Movie Stills
Bruce Willis stars in "Die Hard."

Bruce WillisDie Hard 5 is exactly the kind of movie on which you’d want extensive, detailed summation, so you’re not overwhelmed by the subtext or Kafka parallels when you go in. We’re not equipped with every twist and turn of Bruce Willis’ upcoming adventure, but we know it’ll be consistent with the series’ habit of upgrading the stakes between episodes. After traversing through buildings, airports, New York and America respectively, John McClane will finally become international. The renegade cop will find himself at odds with Russian forces while overseas.

More news on the project: formerly slated as a Noam Murro (Smart People) project, Die Hard 5 is now reported to be being handled by director John Moore (Max Payne, Behind Enemy Lines).

Twenty-three years after the inception of the character, people are still invigorated by the idea of John McClane going wild to save whoever it is he’s saving, wherever it is he’s saving them. Sure, the series has strayed a bit from its original take on the genre. And, sure, as a McClane sidekick, Justin Long is no Reginald VelJohnson. But to be honest, the series has aged pretty well. I’ll see Die Hard 5. And I’ll like it. And odds are, so will you.

Source: Slashfilm