Diego Boneta Will Meet His Fate by Playing Adam in ‘Paradise Lost’

Diego BonetaParadise Lost is really filling out. For a while now, Bradley Cooper has been attached to play Lucifer, the central character of John Milton’s epic poem. Also cast: angels like Michael (Benjamin Walker), Gabriel (Casey Affleck), Abdiel (Djimon Honsou), Uriel (Callan McAuliffe) and Moloch (Dominic Purcell). And, of course, the role of Eve has been given to Camilla Belle—the best candidate for the heavenly role, as she has dated one third of the holy trinity that is the Jonas Brothers. But finally, Eve will have an Adam: Diego Boneta, as it has been rumored, will take the role of the first man in Alex Proyas’ adaptation of the work.

Now, Adam is no easy role to play. You’ve got to master pure, yet corruptable. Trusting, yet rebellious. A guy with removable ribs, and a guy not above taking advice from reptiles. Does Boneta have what it takes?

So far, he has been primarily a television actor. Boneta’s most significant roles have been in Pretty Little Liars and 90210. But here’s the kicker. Boneta played the lead male in the TV movie Mean Girls 2 (The De-Meaning): a character whose surname was none other than Adams. Is it a stretch to say that this is fate? He played “Adams” in a movie dedicated to the essence of the femme fatale. And now, he’ll play “Adam,” in the original femme fatale story.

Boneta will also be seen in Rock of Ages, which stars Julianne Hough as Sherrie Christian (see?).

Source: Twitter, Variety