7 Dinos From The ‘Jurassic Park’ Series You’d (Maybe) Want As Pets

These guys aren’t your average golden retriever…but even the dinos of the Jurassic Park series need lovin’ too. Though their being extinct is probably a good thing, we’d like to think that if they were still sharing our planet, they’d evolve to be man’s best friend! Maybe. Here are a few dinosaurs we’d want to keep around.

1. Blue the velociraptor (and only Blue…)

Universal Pictures

It’s a definite “no” to all other velociraptors, but Blue is an exception! We’re no dinosaur trainer, but if she’s got Chris Pratt’s back, we’re hoping we could get on that level too. Let’s face it. Blue would be the best, most loyal, and most toothy guard dog ever.

2. Brachiosaurus

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How could this big lug not make the list? We’ve basically been wanting one of these since The Land Before Time, and aside from spacial issues, there really wouldn’t be any reason not too, right? They make adorable singing sounds, eat plants, and seem to have a permanent smile! Just watch out for their sneezes…

3. Triceratops

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Something about these herbivores is just plain cute. In Jurassic World we see baby triceratops giving children rides (probably borderline animal abuse), but they really do seem to be gentle giants! That’s our face while hugging a ‘tric’ exactly, Dr. Grant!

4. Dilophosaurus

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These little gems made their debut in the original movie, showing off their creepy fanned­-out frill and spitting venomous poison. They’re not too big, kind of cute when asked to play fetch (by Dennis, pre-gruesome death), and would be totally intimidating to any unwanted visitors/mortal enemies. If you could pull a Chris Pratt and train these puppies, you’d have the baddest bunch in town.

5. Pterodactylus

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Not exactly your typical “Polly wants a cracker”, but basically these would be like having a really, really, really big bird.

6. Parasaurolophus

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These guys have pretty brief cameos in the JP movies, but pulled at our heartstrings in The Lost World when they were cruelly wrangled. Plus, they seem super low­-maintenance.  Just toss them some leaves and let them roam free, without any worry of them eating your house guests!

7. Mosasaurus

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Disclaimer: This guy might take a little more upkeep. While you’d need a really, really, really big aquarium (not to mention a vast supply of great white sharks), you wouldn’t have to get the Mosasaur a leash or collar! He’d stay right where he is…and that’s probably a good thing.