Director Rumors: Mike Mitchell For ‘Chipmunks 3’, Adam Berg For ‘Deadpool’

There’s a couple rumors floating around Hollywood this morning.

The first deals with Ryan Reynolds new superhero movie. No, not the Green Lantern (but if interested in that, check out our set visit preview right here!). Instead, the rumors are centered on the upcoming film based on the Marvel antihero, Deadpool.

Robert Rodriguez has played around with the idea of directing the film. First he was, then he wasn’t, then he was, and now finally, he’s not. So, who is? According to the LA Times and “sources familiar with the situation,” the new director is a relatively unknown Swedish commercial and video director: Adam Berg.

And I know what you’re thinking — “who the hell is that?” Well, don’t worry, because we had the same thought. But, check out this totally sweet commercial that Berg shot.

Pretty awesome, right? This Berg dude definitely has the talent to put together a stylish superhero movie.

And in other director rumors, Mike Mitchell — helmer of Shrek Forever After, Surviving Christmas and Sky High — will supposedly take the reigns of Alvin and the Chipmunks 3. But what’s possibly more interesting than the Chipmunks franchise landing an experienced director is that that it will, supposedly, not be in 3D.

Yes, our favorite high pitched singing chipmunks won’t be popping out of the screen. And this is pretty surprising considering the entire franchise was started in 3D. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of every movie being converted to 3D? Eh, probably not. But it’s a start.

Source: LA Times and Collider