Disney and Ben Stiller to Turn ‘Quantum Hoops’ into Feature Film

Ben StillerThe undermost of all dogs were the Caltech Beavers: a Division III college basketball team that went twenty-six years without winning a single conference game (and a pretty long time without winning any games whatsoever, for that matter). In 2007, before the losing streak was broken, director Rick Greenwald created the documentary Quantum Hoops to depict the plight of and glorify the character of the Caltech basketball team. But for those of you unwilling to see a documentary that is ostensibly about failure, you have Disney.

Disney Pictures, in association with Ben Stiller and Stuart Cornfeld, is producing a narrative feature-film adaptation of the 2007 documentary. Moneyball writer Stan Chervin is working on the script. Now, neither Disney is no stranger to underdog sports stories. The former has given us The Mighty Ducks, Miracle and Cool Runnings, among others: all upbeat movies where the good guys win in the end (even though in real story behind Cool Runnings, the entire Jamaican bobsled team was badly injured by the crash and could not finish the race… uh, I mean, feel the rhythm!). And Ben Stiller gave us Dodgeball. So, if history does indeed repeat itself, we can prepare for some silly humor, the embracement of team spirit, and general feel-goodery.

Peace be the journey, mon.

Source: Comingsoon