Disney and Writers Chabon and Stanton Readying ‘John Carter’ Sequel

John CarterDisney’s John Carter is one of the biggest gambles the studio has ever bet on. With a price tag north of $200 million and no major stars leading its ensemble cast, the action adventure has its share of hurdles to overcome. Yet the Mouse House is so confident in the finished product delivered by writer-director Andrew Stanton (Wall-E, Finding Nemo) that it’s already preparing a sequel.

Coming Soon reports that Stanton and co-writer Michael Chabon have begun plotting a narrative for an eventual follow-up, which would draw from Edgar Rice Burroughs second novel in the series, “The Gods of Mars”. The film is far from a reality; Disney will likely wait to see how Carter performs financially around the world before giving a greenlight on a second picture. But based on its willingness to even court the idea shows signs of confidence that will hopefully translate to commercial success.
We’ll have interviews with the entire cast and crew of John Carter for you in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more!

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