See 10 Clues About ‘Episode VII,’ a Possible ‘Star Wars’ Theme Park, & ‘Clone Wars’ in Disney’s D23 Preview

Credit: D23 EXPO/Richard Harbaugh

Disney’s annual company-wide preview expo, D23, is about ready to make the jump to lightspeed. The August 9-11 event in Anaheim, Calif., is expected to be very Star Wars-heavy this year, since it’ll be the first D23 following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in October 2012. And considering the relatively few announcements related to Star Wars at Comic-Con and Celebration Europe II, it’s likely we could get some doozies here: possibilities include Episode VII casting news, word on when we’ll be able to see the final, unreleased episodes of The Clone Wars, and, most likely of all, an announcement about new Star Wars rides and attractions at Disney’s many theme parks. To whet our appetite, Disney released the below photo, crammed with clues of their impending Star Wars content. Click on the image to read our clue-by-clue breakdown of what we think we’ll soon learn.

GALLERY: Deciphering 11 Clues to D23’s Star Wars Rumors

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