11 Disney Moments That Make Absolutely No Sense

Any Disney lover knows that when watching a Disney movie, there are bound to be questions unanswered and plot holes galore, but we’re supposed to just accept that the Disney magic fills in those holes. Well, we can’t let everything go. Some things are just too strange or obvious to overlook! Talking toys, pets, and creatures aside, we have some serious questions about these Disney moments.

1. The fact that Flounder is not a Flounder.


Disney, we get flounders aren’t exactly cute fish. But why not make him Trop or Troppy since he’s a tropical fish?

2. If Cinderella’s magical glass slippers are a “perfect fit”, then how did one fall off in the first place?


Perfect fit suggests that they fit her feet. If they fit her feet, then how the hell did one just casually slip off?

3. How did a Jamaican crab wind up in Denmark?


Sebastian is either a Jamaican crab or Disney really pushed their limits with that accent. So, how did he wind up in Denmark, where The Little Mermaid apparently takes place? That’s a long way from home Seb!

4. Why is Zazu the chief consultant for Mufasa?


Does Mufasa not know that Zazu is a bird? Isn’t Zazu afraid of being eaten? He literally lives in a lion’s den.

5. Ariel proved that she could read, so why didn’t she ever read or write while with Prince Eric?

I get for the sake of the movie’s story she didn’t speak, but she could have easily written him a little note with at least her name. Oh, and a note about how she’s the woman with the beautiful singing voice that he loves.

6. Anita and Roger managing to live with 101 dalmatians.


When Purdy had the puppies in the beginning of the film, we thought 15 was an insane number of puppies to try and keep. Then the puppies get kidnapped, get lumped together with almost 90 other puppies, and then when they wind up back with their humans, Roger and Anita decided to keep the puppies? Even with the move to a house  and Nanny’s help, that’s about 99 dogs too many. Dalmatians grow up to be big!

7. How was Charles Muntz still alive?


In the beginning of Up, when Carl is a little boy, Charles Muntz is his hero and appears to be around 30. Fast forward in time and now Carl is old Mr. Fredrickson, yet Charles Muntz is alive and well enough to be a villain, even though he should be in his early 100s. Did he find an elixir while waiting to find Kevin in Paradise Falls?

8. Why didn’t the king and queen in Sleeping Beauty just invite Maleficent to Aurora’s baby shower?


Clearly they knew she was unstable. Didn’t they think she’s retaliate in a very unstable way for not being invited? Girl just wanted to go to the party!

9. Why does a Space Ranger have a Spanish mode?


For the sake of humor, sure we get it. But in the first Toy Story, Buzz sticks so tightly to his Space Ranger, no nonsense attitude, we find it ridiculous that he’d have a “Spanish mode” setting.

10. Mother Gothel telling Rapunzel her real birthday in Tangled.


If you’re going to kidnap a princess, you should probably make up her entire backstory, and not tell her what her real birthday is. Just in case the kingdom (that you live way too close to for having kidnapped their princess) happens to celebrate her birthday. For 18 years. And she catches on.

11. Kristoff being a child ice miner with no parents.


Okay, we get that Disney loves orphans. We’ve come to accept and know this. But, we usually get a backstory as to why someone’s an orphan, which is not the case for Kristoff in Frozen. When did his parents die? And why are all the adult ice miners okay with some little kid poking around with his reindeer? We aren’t even going to talk about the trolls, because WTF Disney.