Disney Sets Plans In Motion For ‘The Museum of the Weird’

Museum of The Weird Concept ArtDisney’s got some more magic a-brewing, and like Jon Favreau is doing for his upcoming Disney project, Magic Kingdom, the people at Disney are looking back in Magic Kingdom history for inspiration. This time, they’re looking at a project that lost ground back in the 60s – The Museum of the Weird.

The project was an attraction for Disneyland designed by original imagineers Rolly Crump and Claude Coats; it was meant to attach to the haunted mansion and include “a parade of ghostly organists, magic carts, talking chairs” and a whole host of other creepy knick-knacks. While the museum never made it to fruition (and trust me, there’s a whole treasure trove of short-lived and unused imagineer visions for Disneyland throughout its 55 years of existence), a few of the planned trinkets made it into the Haunted Mansion attraction itself.

Now the canned idea is getting its second chance at the hand of, believe it or not, Ahmet Zappa. I guess the prince of weird (his dad Frank Zappa was the King) is the best candidate to create a layout for The Museum of the Weird, but since when did Ahmet become a screenwriter? I thought he was too busy making strange music and recovering from his 90s popularity, but apparently his 1996 novel was scooped up by Disney for adaptation for the screen, and they were happy with his style so he’s since been tapped for this project and for the very mysterious Tikki Room-inspired feature.

The Museum of the Weird is still a long way off, but it’s pretty exciting to see ideas that didn’t quite fit into Disneyland find a home on a Hollywood backlot.

Source: LA Times