‘District 9’ Star Vs. Josh Brolin in Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ Remake?

Sharlto CopleyYou might know Sharlto Copley if you’re a fan of aliens or wrongfully accused war criminals. Copley made his feature film debut in 2009 as the star of District 9, following up with The A-Team a year later. And that’s been it for him so far. But that was enough to get Spike Lee interested in Copley for the developing remake of Oldboy.

The film, which already has Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen attached, looks to cast Copley as the villainous character who captures and holds an innocent man (Brolin) hostage for fifteen years, for no apparent reason.

Both of Copley’s roles to date have landed somewhere between hero and villain. In District 9. Copley played a narcissistic scientist who engaged in the oppression of an alien race before being thrust into their shoes, and earning the audience’s sympathy. In The A-Team, he was much more of a heroic type, but just a little bit nuts. This will be Copley’s first foray into full-blown villainy.


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