First Full ‘Divergent’ Trailer Proves That Fitting In Is Lame

Divergent, TrailerSummitScreeningRoom/YouTube

Back around the dawn of the millennium, we were still knee-deep in the philosophy that fitting in was pretty darn swell. High school was a time to associate yourself with the hoi polloi, to assign your mind to group-think, to be just like everybody else. Those who failed were miserable. Those who skirted the mission entirely were cast out. Those who spoke boldly of the coming of a new day, where individuality and eccentricity would be championed, were laughed out of town. But that’s because back around the dawn of the millennium, we didn’t have Shailene Woodley

Well, we had her in the sense that she was alive, but just barely. Now, she’s at the epicenter of the public consciousness, starring in Divergent this coming February as a young woman who embodies the idea of individuality. Her government, much like our late ’90s/early 2000s high schools did, chastises that idea, condemning anyone who doesn’t fit into an archaic “category” as a no good, free-thinkin’, troublemakin’ hippie. Those aren’t the government’s exact words, but the sentiment remains.

So, in this first trailer from the new film, we watch Woodley embrace what makes her special, evading the wrath of the tyrannical regime as she teams up with other outcasts to wage a rebellion. Long anticipated by fans of the novel series, the film does look to carry some chutzpah in its sleek little world and its compelling action star heroine. Check out the video, and think back wistfully on your own aggressive stabs at teenage conformity. Don’t worry, we all did it. We didn’t have a Woodley.