Division III: Football's Finest | 2010

Comedy, Sports
Pullham University's Bluecocks have not won a football game in decades. When their coach dies, the school's president hires a controversial replacement. The new coach clashes with everyone, but may be just what the team ...more


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The Bluecocks, Pullham University's Division III football team, have not had a winning season in decades and when their coach suddenly dies, the future of the school's football program is in danger. In order to get media attention, Pullham's president makes a desperate move: She hires Rick Vice, an unstable racist with a felony on his record to be their new coach. Vice immediately clashes with the team and everyone involved with the program. Quarterback Mitch DePrima has a particularly tough time, finding himself on the bench in his final year. But in spite of everything, it is possible that Vice's abrasive methods may be just what the the Bluecocks need to become a winning team.