Djimon Hounsou To Play Angel of Death in ‘Paradise Lost’

Djimon HounsouYou’d be surprised to learn just how familiar you are with Djimon Hounsou: Gladiator, Stargate, ER, Blood Diamond, In America, The Tempest; his record’s not too shabby. And now, the actor is joining Paradise Lost in the exciting-by-nature role of the Angel of Death.

The adaptation of John Milton’s legendary poem is pitting together some fine, albeit unappreciated acting talents. Bradley Cooper, who is more or less synonymous with The Hangover movies these days, will be taking the lead role as Lucifer. We can predict a spike in prominence for Benjamin Walker as well, what with his embodying of Archangel Michael. And finally Hounsou, the man with the spectacular resume, will reign supreme as the Angel of Death.

Nerds of literature and film alike will rejoice by everything has has amounted (and likely will amount) from this film so far: Alex Proyas is building a terrific monument to Milton’s Paradise Lost, which, as much as anyone can really hope, will pay honest and worthy tribute.

Source: Indiewire