Doctor Bello | 2013

An oncologist who is desperate to help a dying patient enlists the help of a healer who cures the boy, but both physicians are penalized for breaking with the established medical protocol.


Brilliant oncologist Dr. Michael Durant is grieving the loss of his 10-year-old daughter from cancer. He immerses himself in his work and forms a bond with his 7-year-old patient Sam. When Sam slips into a coma with only a few days to live, Michael is desperate to save the child's life. So when a Nigerian nurse surreptitiously suggests he seek the help of Dr. Bello, an uncertified Nigerian doctor, known in the Brooklyn-African underground as a miracle worker, Michael does. Dr. Bello secretly visits the child at night, administers a potion, and by the next morning, Sam's illness is in remission. When the hospital board investigates the case, Michael is suspended and Dr. Bello is charged with malpractice and arrested. Dr. Bello becomes critically ill in jail and can only be saved by the same potion that cured Sam, and it can only be found in the mysterious "Garden of Life," nestled on the peak of Nigeria's sky mountains.