Doctor Strange Just Diagnosed The ‘Avengers’ Injuries In This Hilarious Promo


Doctor Strange is all set to hit theaters next week, making it the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In celebration of its impending debut, the film’s star Benedict Cumberbatch took some time out of his busy schedule to diagnose some of the Avengers most gruesome injuries that they sustained in Captain America: Civil War.

The Avengers are superheroes which means they are fast, strong and can heal pretty quickly. However, when they go up against one another, as they did in Civil War, their injuries tend to be pretty horrific. In the hilarious ad, Doctor Strange diagnoses some poor sap with loss of hearing after he finds himself on the wrong end of Cap’s vibranium shield.  He even goes on to diagnose our poor Tony Stark aka Iron Man with a broken heart, sustained after he finds out Cap’ betrayed him in favor of Bucky.  Check out the full promo for yourself below.

Hopefully, this means that Doctor Strange will be just as humerous as the rest of the films in the MCU, depsite the super dark trailers.

Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4th.