Doctor Who Companion Time Travels For ‘Romeo And Brittney’

Karen GillanHey, we’re close, right? I trust you and you trust me. If I say something is good you’ll at least give it a fair chance, and likewise if you suggest something to me, I’ll give it a shot. We’ve reached that level of friendship, right? Ok, good. So believe me when I tell you this that Doctor Who is a fantastic television show. It might not be your cup of tea (it is a British Sci-fi show after all) but trust me, it’s good television.

Anyway, without going into too much Who mythology, the current companion Amy Pond is played by the stunning Karen Gillan and she just landed another time traveling role in Romeo and Brittney. She’ll play Brittney, who finds herself suddenly transported into the actual Romeo and Juliet story as Juliet and the rest of her high school cast mates as the real people. But since she knows how the play ends, complications ensue (I imagine).

Please trust me when I tell you that if this is done right, it will be awesome. Smart female centric comedies can work (Easy A) and Gillan is a great actress. Well, I’m pretty sure she’s a great actress. She certainly looks amazing enough. And she makes Doctor Who fun again — she’s easily my favorite companion. She’s about as fun as Donna but better looking (and yeah, I know Rose was good looking but honestly she looked weird at times)… and Martha, poor Martha, she never even had a chance. But Amy? Ah, now that is a lovely companion. She hasn’t really been put to the test yet against the Daleks or Cybermen, really but she still has a whole other season ahead of her and she has proven herself to be levelheaded when the Dream Catcher caught them in the TARDIS and oh my god I just nerded out there for a minute. Sorry.

Source: Deadline