Jude Law Pelvic Thrusts His Way to Riches in ‘Dom Hemingway’ Trailer

“Dom Hemingway is free!” Mr. Fontaine (Demian Birchir) shouts from a hill while firing a celebratory rifle blast into the air. But really, Jude Law is the one that’s free. In the new trailer for Dom Hemingway, the actor gets to leave all manner of restraint behind, and really revel in the insanity of the film’s absurd titular character. 

In the film, Dom Hemingway (Law) is an eccentric master safe cracker who gets released from prison after a 12-year stint. He seeks to live his newly regained life to the fullest, and get repaid for the time that he has lost. Dom is up to his ankles in the sleazy glitz of the criminal underworld until a near death experience gives him a new lease on life, and a new appreciation of what’s really important: the daughter (Emilia Clarke) that he left behind all those years ago.

Dom HemingwayFox Searchlight

Dom Hemingway premiered at the Toronto Film Festival where it won praise for its dark comedy. Law infuses Dom with a larger than life persona and a grimy gravitas as he drinks liquor by the gallon and manages to open a safe solely by the power of pelvic thrusts. The trailer is chock full of witty retorts and an unsavory sense of dirty fun, but the film looks like it also has a big heart under its coating of filth.

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