Don’t Hold Your Breath for the ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie — EXCLUSIVE

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After we said our goodbyes to Coach Taylor, Tami Taylor, Landry, Riggins and the rest of the Friday Night Lights crew during the series finale in 2011, we were all prepared to live a less inspired life with cloudy eyes and empty hearts. But then the unthinkable happened. Connie Britton came out with her even-keeled voice and perfectly wavy locks and delivered news so thrilling it reversed Jason Street’s paralysis. Okay, well not quite, but BASICALLY. Tami Taylor was quoted by Us Weekly divulging that a FNL movie is “happening for realsies…I think it’s really a matter of…getting everyone’s busy schedules aligned and making it happen,” she said. And we believed her. Why wouldn’t we? At this point, we felt we couldn’t lose – that this was really going to happen. Maybe Jason’s baby Noah would be the star football player at his high school. Maybe Lyla Garrity would be living on the plot of land Tim Riggins swore he’d own one day. Maybe Julie would be a lost, strung out hooker. The possibilities were endlessly glorious. But that’s all come to an abrupt halt. recently spoke with Zach Gilford, the lovable and essential character Matt Saracen, who said that Connie is a big, fat liar the reunion movie is essentially not happening. At all. “I’ve never heard a single word about it except for people asking me about it. It doesn’t even really make sense. I can’t even think of what the story is. He moves away, everybody’s grown up. I mean I could see him being somewhere, but then it wouldn’t be any of the other people,” Gilford said.

While the star’s knowledge – or lack thereof – of Friday Night Lights flick No. 2 isn’t entirely promising, there’s still a chance we’re not sh*t out of luck… at least in the very distant future. Right? RIGHT? Unfortunately, it seems as far as Gilford is concerned, it’ll never happened; and therefore, we should probably all just end our lives now.

In fact, Tami Taylor already beat us to it.

Reporting by Aly Semigran

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