Don’t Be Too Excited For ‘The Vanishing of Sidney Hall’ Trailer

‘The Vanishing of Sidney Hall’ has a lot of things going for it.

I love films coming from A24, the cast is pretty great, and the story seems compelling. Unfortunately, the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and the reviews are in, and they aren’t good at all. With a total of 6 reviews in so far, the film is current 17% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film seems to follow a character named “The Searcher” (Kyle Chandler) investigating the disappearance of an 18-year-old named Sidney Hall (Logan Lerman) who is an already a best selling author. We follow Sidney as he attempts to write a book. He meets Melody (Elle Fanning) who inspires him further and Brett Newport (Blake Jenner) who suggests he write about his dad. It’s unknown why he went from a world famous to hiding, and according to the reviewers, it’s not worthwhile to try to find out the answers.

Then again, maybe they’re wrong and you’ll love the film.


Either way, ‘The Vanish of Sidney Hall’ releases January 25, 2018.

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