Don’t Watch These Trailers! Unless You Love Spoilers

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Going to see a movie these days always makes me long for the golden age–not of movies, but of trailers. I miss when trailers had style; the best ones are those that just include one representative scene. These days it seems that most movie trailers give away the entire plot of a movie, seeming to chronologically skim through each scene. Action trailers show all the explosions and conflicts; comedies include all the jokes. Here are a few recent trailers that give away too much of the movie: watch at your own risk.

Riddick–Out September 6th

The Riddick trailer gives me the feeling that I’ve seen the coolest parts of each scene.

Prisoners–Out September 20th 

Isn’t part of the appeal of a thriller the fact that you don’t know the whole plot before watching it?

Carrie (2013)–Out October 18th

Though most people know what Carrie is about, if they want to be surprised by how this remake handles the classic horror story, I wouldn’t recommend watching this trailer.

Ender’s Game-Out November 1st

Couldn’t a famous story like Ender’s Game suffice with a trailer that titillated, rather than told all?

Last Vegas–Out November 1st

How many old-man jokes can you fit into a trailer?

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