‘Downsizing’ Trailer Has A Big Spoiler

The trailer for ‘Downsizing’ had me intrigued. Good stars in it, interesting plot, all the things you need in a movie. Then about halfway through there is a giant spoiler.

Paul (Matt Damon) and Audrey (Kristen Wiig) are tired of their mundane lives and struggling to make ends meet. That’s when the idea to downsize comes into play. Friend Dave (Jason Sudeikis) did it and tells them about how great it is. Imagine no longer struggling with your worries and living like a king and queen in a mansion. All you have to do is shrink yourself. $100,000 translates to 12 Million and things seem pretty awesome. The couple then decides to go ahead with the surgery.

That’s when the spoiler happens about a minute 13 in. (WARNING) Audrey doesn’t do it. Paul now has to learn how to live his life without her in what was supposed to be paradise. Dave tells him how to think of this as a reset and to really learn how to help others.


‘Downsizing’ releases Christmas weekend, December 22, 2017.

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