‘Dr. Horrible’ Sequel In The Works

Dr HorribleI’m in a conundrum here. Joss Whedon teased the New York Times earlier today saying he had in the works a sequel for his made-for-the-web series Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Awesome, right? Who wouldn’t want more of Neil Patrick Harris singing and dancing? More Captain Hammer doing his thing? Unfortunately we won’t be getting more Felicia Day, spoiler, duh, unless there’s some Revitalizing Ray Dr. Horrible invented, but still! More Dr. Horrible!

Just one little itty bitty problem. Really insignificant. Shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just that Whedon kind of agreed to write and direct this little movie called The Avengers. Small commitment, he should be done with it in, oh I don’t know, three years or so. But more Dr. Horrible, possibly! That’s worth getting excited about, right?!

Source: New York Times