DreamWorks ‘Trolls’ The Big Screen

ALTDreamWorks Animation has acquired the rights for a trollish new film. Unfortunately, this isn’t a sequel or remake of Troll 2, quite possibly the greatest bad movie of all time, but rather a new property based on the Good Luck Troll dolls. You know, the pink-haired plastic lint-catchers that your mom keeps on top of her Windows-95 next to her Beanie Baby collection.

Dam Things, the company behind the Trolls and named for what you say after stepping on one in the dark, has reached a deal with DreamWorks for a big-screen animated feature. Danny Festa of Festa Entertainment will executive produce the overlong toy commercial, with screenwriting duo Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio providing the script.

Alex Schwartz, the DreamWorks Animation head of development, defended his company’s horrible decision-making. “We look forward to working alongside Dam Things to build on the mythology of the Good Luck Trolls,” said Schwartz, “While delivering the sense of adventure, heart and comedy that DreamWorks Animation is known for.” Which sounds a lot better than “the fart jokes, “wacky” expressions, and irrelevant cultural references DreamWorks Animation is known for,” I guess.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter