Drew Barrymore Back in Director’s Chair for Apocalyptic ‘The End’

ALTIt looks like Drew Barrymore got a taste of something she liked when she directed her first film, the positively-received Whip It from 2009. It seems as though Barrymore is confirmed to direct The End, a film from Warner Brothers about the end of the world (people seem really into that these days, huh?). But if you were looking for a downer or sad little film, think again: producers are touting the film as uplifting and humanistic, rather than ‘boo-hoo, the world is ending!’ -type fare. The film will focus on several people as they reconcile their fate on Earth’s last day.

With Heroes and The River scribe Aron Eli Coleite helming the script, the film will no doubt have an otherworldly feel to it. Which, I suppose is a totally normal way to see what the world would look like at the end of it all, right?

Barrymore, who previously had a starring role in her last directorial effort, will not be starring in this film. She has, however, picked up several other directing projects for the future, including How To Be Single and Heist Society.

What do you think about the onslaught of the-world-is-ending films in recent years? Do you think the topic is overdone, or timely? Sound off below in the comments.

[Hollywood Reporter]

[Photo Credit: Drew Barrymore]

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