Drew Barrymore Directs ‘Our Deal’ Video with Chloe Moretz, Miranda Cosgrove and More

ALTEvery once in a while, the best thing that has ever happened happens. Today, we’d like to give gracious thanks to the director that has become of Drew Barrymore: the excited, inward-looking, jungle-flower artist that gave us Whip It has now bestowed unto the world a video for the band Best Coast’s “Our Deal.”

Drew Barrymore is good at directing. There’s something about her style of film that instigates something strange and new in a backdrop of tradition. The video below takes West Side Story, itself derivative of Romeo and Juliet, and makes with it a colorful, moribund tragedy. Without more than four minutes of speechless screen time, we get full, invigorated characters.

Barrymore’s presence as a (hopefully increasingly prominent) female filmmaker in and of itself is important. Her first attempt at directing (Whip It) was exemplary, and her creative imagining of Best Coast’s ballad will prove memorable.

If you are unmoved by our Barrymorophilia, then at least invest your heartbeat in the stellar cast that makes up the video: playing the leads are Chloe Moretz, whose Kick-Ass performance was haunting and dangerous, and Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey. Backing them up are Miranda Cosgrove (who, though she’s way more famous for iCarly, I’ll always remember for her stellar delivery of the uptight class president in School of Rock), Alia Shawkat (Maeby frickin’ Fünke!), and the only acceptable casting for Peter Parker, the brightest bulb on the Derrick Comedy electric-menorah, the disco spider himself, Donald Glover.

Source: Badass Digest