Drew Barrymore Tugs at Our Heartstrings in ‘Big Miracle’ Trailer

Drew BarrymoreLet’s clear up your confusion right out of the gate: this movie was, up until very recently, titled Everybody Loves Whales. It’s not anymore (it’s Big Miracle, now…personally, I’m not fond of the change), but the sentiment remains.

John Krasinski plays a likeable shlub (naturally) who works as a reporter in the slow-news town of Barrow, Alaska. Just in time to meet his “big scoop deadline,” Krasinski discovers that three whales are trapped in the confines of an ice formation off the coast and cannot get back into the ocean. His bleeding-heart ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore latches onto the platform “There is always something you can do.” You know, to help. So, she does.

She gets townspeople, laborers, the government—even the Soviets! Oh, did we mention this took place in a time when there were Soviets? Yeah, the trailer kind of threw that into our laps, too. No matter; the gutsy gal on a heatwarming mission to save one of the world’s most lovable species of animal with the help of a motley crew of newly inspired strangers is so unbelievably delightful that you’ll wish you were saving a whale right now.

The stellar supporting cast includes Kristen BellDermot Mulroney, Vinessa ShawTim Blake Nelson, Stephen Root and the great Ted Danson. The film, directed by Ken Kwapis, who, beyond everything else that’s pretty cool about him, has the perfect director name, and will reach theaters February 3, 2012: just in time to save a whale. Because it’s ALWAYS time to save a whale.

Source: Indiewire