5 Dude-Approved Movies That Are Secretly Chick Flicks

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Ladies, if your gent’s idea of date night is smuggling 40’s into 2 Guns, then counter with cozying up to one of these tesosterone-rich flicks that are all manly enough that he’ll forget he’s kind of watching a rom-com.

Con Air

LeeAnn Rimes wrote the theme song and the hero of the film is a stuffed bunny.

True Lies

The Terminator and Jamie Lee Curtis outwit terrorists together and in doing so rekindle the passion they’ve lost throughout their hum-drum middle-aged marriage. There’s even a strip tease by Miss Lee. If that doesn’t get your man to drop his boxers, nothing will.

Body Heat

This double-crossing neo-noir, made when Kathleen Turner was still smokin’ hot, is all sorts of sultry


He might squirm during the scene in which Ben Affleck makes an animal cracker dance across Liv Tyler’s belly, but a good fourth of this movie takes place on a space rig, so that should distract him from how deliciously sappy this movie is.


A hijacked bus is merely a meet-cute for the ever gallant Keanu Reeves (insert obligatory joke about him here) and a blushing Sandy Bullock.

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