‘Due Date’ leads Tuesday Box Office


078840H1.jpgFirst Place – Warner Bros.’ ‘Due Date’ – A Tuesday gross of $2.5 million gives the buddy road trip style film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis a five day total of $37.5 million.  The film has earned $58.8 million worldwide.

Second Place – Paramount/D’works’ ‘Megamind’ –  $1.87 for Tuesday gives this family favorite a strong mid-week gross despite kids being in school.  A huge debut weekend of $46 million and a total domestic gross pushing $50 million after five days gives the film an impressive start.  The film has earned $72.2 million worldwide.

Third Place – Lionsgate’s ‘For Colored Girls’ – Tyler Perry continues his solid box office track record with a $1 million Tuesday gross.  With the atypical (for Perry) R-rating and dramatic subtext, the film’s performance is impressive.  Its five day domestic total is $21.7 million.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Tuesday, November 9, 2010:

Movie Title Tuesday Gross

Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1. Due Date

$2.5M 3,355 $752 $37.5M
2. Megamind

$1.87M 3,944 $474 $49.7M
3. For Colored Girls

$1.05M 2,127 $495 $21.7M
4. RED

$637k 3,229 $197 $72.8M
5. Saw 3D

$588k 2,808 $209 $39.4M
6. Paranormal Activity 2

$410k 3,168

$130 $77.8M
7. Jackass 3D $373k 2,165 $172 $111.4M
8. Hereafter $344k 2,365 $146 $29.3M
9. Secretariat

$309k 2,614

$118 $51.6M
10. The Social Network

$250k 1,860

$135 $85.3M
11. Life as We Know It

$212k 1,950

$109 $48.9M
12. Conviction

$181k 672 $269 $5.1M

*Wednesday daily box office numbers provided by Hollywood.com Box Office.

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