Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg Might Star in Michael Bay’s ‘Pain and Gain’

Mark WahlbergLadies and gentlemen, we have a marvelous opportunity here. As you may have heard, director Michael Bay is developing a bodybuilding dark comedy entitled Pain and Gain. But the opportunity has almost nothing to do with that. It has to do entirely with the potential casting of the movie. For, right now, at this very moment, production is in talks with one Dwayne Johnson and one Mark Wahlberg to co-star opposite one another in this feature film. Have you caught onto the opportunity yet? I’ll spell it out.

What does Dwayne Johnson plus Mark Wahlberg equal? THE ROCK WAHL.

Okay, I guess that’s not nearly as exciting as it was when it first occurred to me. It’s not like Wahlberg’s last name is Hardplace.

Neither Johnson or Wahlberg is confirmed yet for this film, although Johnson is slightly closer to confirmed than Wahlberg is. But if they do team up, we might really be in for something. After all, we haven’t seen much in the vein of a Michael Bay dark comedy before. So this could be something fresh. Something different. Something new. So new, that you might even dub those involved: New Kids on the Rock (get it?!).

Wahlberg headlined the buddy-cop sendup The Other Guys, which starred Johnson in a supporting role. Wahlberg is really making a name for himself in the comedy world, even though he is more closely associated with dramatic roles…much like his starring part in the 2001 music-oriented drama. You know the one. Jennifer Aniston was in it. It wasn’t that good. Don’t make me say it…

ROCK Star.

Get it?!

Source: Variety