Dwayne Johnson Set To Star In ‘Snitch’

Dwayne JohnsonLet’s be honest here, if Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson snitches on your ass, he does not get stitches. That probably explains why he is willing to go undercover in Snitch. As the Hollywood Reporter correctly notes, Johnson seems to swing back and forth between action and family films, but right now, he seems to be in the action stage again. And in Snitch, he’ll be the father of a jailed son who goes undercover to reduce his son’s sentence. Hopefully, many an elbow will be dropped in the name of the law and justice will be served ice cold. Ric Roman Waugh is directing and doing a rewrite on the Justin Haythe script.

Question: when can we start referring to Johnson as just Dwayne Johnson? How famous does he need to get before we can stop reminding people that he is/was The Rock? I bet he kind of gets tired of it because every time someone says The Rock in his name people automatically remember that he used to dress up in tights and wrestle with other oiled up monster men. I bet that isn’t exactly the image he wants in people’s minds when he’s trying to be a serious actor. I think a soft mumble-core performance followed by a tour across country promoting a country album would be enough for us to forget The Rock and accept him as Dwayne.

Source: Hollywood Reporter