Dylan McDermott on That Time He Got into a Bar Fight at Age 15

Dylan McDermott Olympus Has Fallen Interview

Olympus Has Fallen marks the first time Dylan McDermott has been involved with a choreographed fight scene. Not a fight in general — one that is specifically choreographed. Because he’s been in fights before. With his dad. At a bar. When he was a kid.

After joking about his fisticuffs moment with Gerard Butler in this weekend’s new action movie, McDermott steers our conversation towards a moment from his past. “I grew up in the bar business here in New York, so I actually had one big fight with what must have been 20 guys,” he says. “Me and my dad, a couple bartenders. I remember in the middle of the fight, my Dad — I must have been 15 years old — looked up at me and smiled. He was very proud. It was a moment — a Christening moment.”

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While costar and partner-in-crime Rick Yune says that a good movie throw-down is a precision exercise that never goes off the rails, McDermott suggests otherwise. He admits learning the moves is more difficult than exerting the energy necessary to pull off a fight scene, and even then, sticking to the plan isn’t really part of the filming experience. As he puts it, “When you call action that all goes out the window and it becomes a real fight.”

As if McDermott didn’t come off enough like the renegade of the Olympus cast, he also reveals that he was the guy who showed up to set with unreasonable facial hair. I mean, if you’re going to play a dastardly villain, why wouldn’t you grow a mustache to twirl? “I had one recently, actually,” McDermott says. “Funny enough, I grew a mustache for this movie. Then I got down there and the supervisor said I couldn’t have one. He said that Secret Service agents can’t have mustaches. In the FBI, you can have any facial hair that you want, but not for Secret Service.” McDermott had a very good reason for thinking his character should have a mustache. “I just thought it was cool.”

Just in case you’re one of the many men in the world wrongfully labeled because of your handlebar, take comfort in these wise words from Dylan McDermott: “Not everyone with a mustache is a bad guy.”

Truth. See McDermott tell his wild stories in his own voice by watching our full interview below:

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