‘Dynasty’ Movie To Answer All Your Burning Questions

DynastyThe past 22 years of our existence on this little planet has been plagued by many tragedies, leaving behind hundreds of thousands of questions. But perhaps the most burning question is – what the hell happened to the family in Dynasty? Thankfully people still love money and the producers of the show are hoping to turn the property into a feature length film for some unknown reason (oh wait – money).

Instead of the glossy 80s, the movie will take place in the 60s hoping to capitalize on the success of Mad Men, even though no one in their right mind would mistake the two. The creator of the show, Richard Shapiro, had this to say about the movie (which is still in the script phase and doesn’t even have a studio behind it, thankfully) “the movie will be the old Dynasty, of course, but with horns.” Well, that persuaded me. This won’t suck balls. This will be the end all of modern cinema and usher in the Dark Times. Shapiro – congratulations, you just welcome Satan into the world. I hope you’re happy.

Source: ComingSoon