‘E.T.’ Behind-the-Scenes Footage Reveals Actor Originally Cast as E.T. — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO



The recently released E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Blu-ray, released in conjunction with the acclaimed sci-fi film’s 30th anniversary, debuted a heap of behind-the-scenes footage of director Steven Spielberg working his magic on set. One thing the extensive look didn’t reveal was the actor first cast to play the adorable creature from another planet. What, you thought it was always going to be a puppet?

Hollywood.com is proud to present the debut of this never-before-seen documentary footage, a short snippet that delves into the career of Marcus Gerber, the method actor who first immersed himself in the role of E.T.: 

Okay, we may have made that whole thing up. But for an actual look into the making of Spielberg’s classic, check out the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Blu-ray, which hit shelves last week. And for more funny from our friends at PITtv head over to their official YouTube channel.

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