Edward Norton Joins ‘The Bourne Legacy’ As Villain

ed norton in da houseThere are some actors that make being bad look oh so good. Edward Norton is one of those — which makes his casting in the new Bourne reboot/remake/sideways-universe, The Bourne Legacy, as the villain oh so awesome.

He killed it in The Italian Job (which actually isn’t too bad a second or third time around) and Fight Club. ‘Nuff said. This also means we’ll get to see Norton go head-to-head with the Matt Damon-replacing Jeremy Renner. How could it get more awesome? Oh yeah, the love interest is Rachel Weisz. That doesn’t mean that Norton will have any interaction with her (yes it does) but the thought of it is fantastic (it’ll happen. The bad guy always steals the girl, duh).

I’m pretty content with the rehash/rebottle/re-re-re-re-mix. Oh yeah, the guy that directed Michael Clayton and Duplicity is directing it? Now I’m pumped.

Source: Playlist