‘Elf’ to Become Broadway Musical

ALTIt’s not even close to Christmas, and yet the people on Broadway want us to think it is! The New York Times is reporting the theatrical people behind Hairspray, The Producers and The Wedding Singer are all looking to turn “Elf” (the movie in which Will Ferrell sat on Bob Newhart’s lap as an “oversized” little helper) into a production on Broadway. So….yeah?

Well, maybe. There won’t be any James Caan, which is a downer. There also won’t be any Mary Steenburgen or Ed Asner (more downers). But the scenery could be really cool. It could be all optical illusionist-like, which there isn’t enough of in Broadway today. I’m not saying there won’t be any Will Ferrell in the theatrical production, because he’s more unpredictable than a world cup referee (it’s the first day, HOW CAN I NOT?).

Tragically, the show’s run will be quite short: it will start in November and go through New Year’s Day. I already smell the tourists, but that’s okay. Mayor Bloombery (I mean Bloomberg, but I’m leaving it) says we’re supposed to be nice to them, so I guess I have no choice. And everyone loves a good Christmas musical. Even New Yorkers.

Source: NYT