Eli Roth Picks Up Fan Made ‘Clown’ Film And Chilean Earthquake Thriller

There have been many horror stories from people in Hollywood about strangers pitching them ideas. Some have even gone so far as to offer a script to a star while she was in the middle of a gynecology exam (true story, Sigourney Weaver was offered a script from her gynecologist while her feet were in the straddles). Often times these extreme acts don’t work and are very annoying. Desperation never looks good on anyone. But sometimes, if you’ve got the talent and aren’t that annoying, they work.

Take this trailer that Jon Watts and Christopher Ford made, where they wrote “from Master of Horror Eli Roth:”

Eli Roth had nothing to do with it at all yet they still put his name on it. And it paid off because Roth is now working with these guys to make a full length feature film off its premise and they have even secured full funding for the film. Frankly, I’m all for this. A possessed clown suit can be both silly and horrifying which makes for a great film. And this quote from Roth just sounds awesome: “This guy can feel himself changing, blacking out only to find blood all over his clown suit.”

But that isn’t all for Roth, who picked up another horror film, this one set during the horrific Chile Earthquake of February from Chilean horror filmmaker Nicolas Lopez. Roth says he wanted to add a supernatural element to the film, titled Aftershock, but after hearing Lopez’s description of post-earthquake Chile he decided it didn’t need it. Lopez also directed Chile’s highest grossing film of 2010, translated to English, Fuck My Life. Roth is also helping Lopez direct a series of Fuck My… titles which sound fairly sweet as well.

I’m not really a proponent of horror films, but I have grown rather fond of Eli Roth recently thanks mostly in part to his turn in Inglorious Basterds (which I realize has absolutely nothing to do with his writing or acting but still) and his involvement with RZA’s Man With The Iron Fist. The combo of foreign and homegrown talent usually results in something special, bringing something new to the table. Maybe I’ll see these after all.

Source: Deadline