Elisabeth Rohm Joins Lautner, Weaver, in ‘Abduction’

ALTElisabeth Rohm, former Law And Order lawyer, will again tangle with the law in Abduction. Rohm has been cast as the biological mother of Taylor Lautner’s character, a teen who discovers his baby picture on a missing persons website and goes on the run. They had better cast Lautner’s 40 year old twin as his biological father, because I can’t think of a single actress who looks less like Lautner than the extremely WASPy Rohm. Except maybe the people cast as his faux-parents, Maria Bello and the always evil Jason Isaacs. How the hell didn’t Lautner’s character notice he was adopted? Did he just assume that his mother messed around with the mailman?

John Singleton of Boyz ‘N The Hood is directing the action thriller, with Jeffrey Nachmanoff of The Day After Tomorrow writing. Sigourney Weaver has also been cast in the film as Lautner’s character’s psychiatrist. Rohm seems like an obvious weak link in a fairly strong cast, since her characters on Law And Order and Angel only ever seemed to alternate between emotionless (but tough) and angry (but tough). Maybe the filmmakers are hoping that, next to Lautner’s vacant niceness Rohm will look like Brando.

 Abduction is scheduled for a 2011 release.

Source: The Collider