‘Elysium,’ Like Matt Damon, Brings Brains and Brawn in First TV Spot

I think we now know the answer to the question “Is Bald Matt Damon even more badass than Follicled Matt Damon?” In director Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium (out August 9), the ex-Bourne plays a member of the unworthy underclass that’s left behind on the polluted hellscape that is Earth while humanity’s rich and powerful live on a cushy space station in orbit.

The representative of those wealthy overlords? A sinister, pantsuited Jodie Foster. But even if Damon’s character has no money or hair, he certainly does possess the ripped abs and laser gun prowess that will be necessary for him to take on what appears to be Brave New World-caliber class inequality. Check it out. 

Credit: Columbia Pictures 

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