Bald Matt Damon’s ‘Elysium’ Is Like ‘Brave New World’ with LASERS — TRAILER

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Whether you consider yourself a 1984 person or a Brave New world person (and there’s no overlap, you have to declare your leanings one way or the other), you spent your teen years faring through a good share of futuristic dystopias. Whichever path in this dichotomy was spawned from your middle school encounter with The Giver, it made you quite familiar with the formula, which is adopted by Matt Damon’s new sci-fi film, Elysium. As you can see in the trailer below, Elysium boasts a seemingly perfect society — free of war, disease, conscious thought — operating in conjunction with some safeguarded secret about oppressive corruption. And, as it always seems to be, it’s up to some plucky young trooper to bring this treachery down. In this case, that plucky young trooper is Bald Matt Damon, or BMD, if you will.

In the trailer, BMD mops his sweaty, follicle-free brow while pledging to salvage his destitute society by invading the gated luxury of the elites. The themes will remind you quite a bit of your days spent with George Orwell and Aldous Huxley… although, with all due respect to the authors, Elysium has one advantage over their works: lasers. Lasers shooting from guns, from vehicles, from body shields, from pretty much everywhere. This trailer is jam-packed with amplified light. Also a stockade of traditional literary premises. But the lasers… that’s the big thing here.

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