Emile Hirsch Thinks It’s Time For ‘The Darkest Hour’

Emile HirschSource: Variety

He’s taken on high-octane racing adventures, cerebral dramas and fascinating character studies but now, Emile Hirsch will find himself in the middle of an alien invasion. Variety reports that the actor will join Olivia Thirlby in New Regency and Summit Entertainment’s The Darkest Hour, a thriller about a group of kids struggling to survive in Russia after an alien invasion.

Chris Gorak is set to direct from a script by Les Bohem and Jon Spaihts. Timur Bekmambetov and Tom Jacobson are producing the $40 million production, which is scheduled to start in Moscow this June.

The project is described as a 28 Days Later-like thriller, with aliens taking the terrorizing place of the infected walking dead from that 2002 horror flick. What do we think of the developing production? Let’s review:

Alien invasion.

Emile Hirsch and Olivia Thirlby

28 Days Later-like vibe.

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