Emily Blunt To Star in ‘Five-Year-Engagement’ With Jason Segel

ALT TEXTEmily Blunt plus Jason Segel? Yes, please!

Vulture reports that Blunt will soon be offered a role opposite Segel in director Nicholas Stoller‘s (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) next flick, Five-Year Engagement, with Judd Apatow producing for Universal Pictures.

Written by Segel (who’s also currently working on the next muppet movie, which, by the way, sounds totally awesome), Five-Year Engagement sounds pretty good. Earlier this summer, in an interview with Collider, Segel described it as a movie follows a “couple [that] gets engaged very enthusiastically, and then follows them over five years of not getting married and just being engaged… break ups, cross country moves, meeting new people, basically about the fluidity of relationships in your 20s.”

Regarding Blunt’s involvement, even though there’s nothing official yet we’re pretty positive she’ll accept the role if offered. She originally wanted to work with Stoller in Get Him to the Greek, but because of a contract deal with Fox, she had to drop out of the project. And so now, since the Fox deal is over, she’ll be able to join this project and it will be a great thing for her career. Segel proved that he was a talented writer with Marshall. His characters are not only funny, but they go through identifiable struggle and growth. So Blunt should fit nicely in Five-Year Engagement — good for her career and good for the movie. Plus, she’s a babe, too! Woo!

Source: Vulture